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(CNN)Brazil has revoked key regulations protecting its tropical mangroves, a move fiercely criticized by environmental and climate groups. The National Environment Council, known as Conama, voted Monday to overturn the measures that had defined the ecosystems along Brazil’s coastline as “permanent preservation areas” and restricted commercial development projects. Environment Minister Ricardo Salles defended the move and said the changes provided greater “balance” in order to protect the environment.Tens of thousands of fires are pushing the Amazon to a tipping point“This government is concerned with the environment, with people and with sustainable economic development,” Salles told CNN affiliate CNN Brasil during an interview Monday. “You can’t create legislation that is so excessive that it asphyxiates the economic sector completely.”

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(CNN)An unidentified grand juror has filed a motion requesting that any and all recordings, transcripts, and reports of the grand jury relating to the Breonna Taylor case be released to the public, according to court documents obtained by CNN.The juror

 also asking the court to "make a binding declaration" that the grand juror has the right to disclose information and details about the process and details of the proceedings, particularly, the motion states, to avoid fears that Kentucky