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The Mango Lover’s Guide to Mango Tourism

How much do you love mangoes? Enough to travel across the globe for the perfect mango? You know the kind– deliciously sweet, soft, and juicy. Maybe your mouth is watering at just the thought of it. If so, join in on the revolution of mango tourism and check out these top destinations for mangoes.

What is mango tourism?

Mango tourism is traveling to destinations that produce a lot of mangoes and learning more about that process as you indulge in all things mango.

What countries are known for mangoes?

Mangoes originate from India, supplying about 50% of all the world’s mangoes. When the weather warms up in India, fruit markers are filled with the juicy goodies and locals flock to scoop them up. Besides India as number one, World Atlas lists the top mango producing countries in order including: China, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Brazil.

But if you’re passionate about mangoes, India is the place to go. The main mango producing states in India are Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Orissa. Here are a few of the top farms to visit.

Ganesh Agro Tourism, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

This is a 30-acre organic farm with more than 2,000 Alphonso mango trees. Here visitors to the farm receive firsthand experience on the ripe story of the mango and can sample them on a mango safari through the farm.

Chiguru Farm, Karnataka

Just an hour and a half from bustling Bengaluru, Chiguru Farm is home to 25 acres of organic farmland. The farm is producing the Badami and Mallika mango, but you’ll also see chikku, guava, cherries, rose apple and more when visiting. Visitors can take a tour from April through June with a guided walk and plenty of sampling.

Baghban Orchard Retreat, Uttar Pradesh

For a real treat 2 hours outside of New Delhi, visit the Baghban Orchard Retreat. With 15 acres of mango orchard, this cozy farm allows visitors to stay in its villas during their mango getaway. Take tours of the orchard, enjoy cycling, swimming, and more while getting a breath of fresh air with the sweet smell on mango in the air.

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